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As if country music needed any more help embarrassing itself, now there’s country singer Aaron Tippin’s latest single, “Drill here, drill now”.  Yes, we can always count on country songwriters to take serious, important national issues such as the current economic energy crisis, and turn them into trivialized, silly, low brow radio jingles for the culturally challenged. Tippin’s musical catalog is chock full of redneck neanderthalism, and country music fans just can’t get enough of his Gomer Pyle-esque vocal stylings.  Now if only fellow redneck Toby Keith would just write a song about gun totin’ Sarah Palin, heck, the country charts would be bursting with social relevance!  Wooooey!  Break out the beer, the shotgun, and the pickup truck, and let’s go lynch ourselves a liberal!  Hot dog!   

In this photo, we see Tippin proudly posed over the dead carcass of an Elk he hunted down and shot with a high calibre rifle. Of course, the macho and manly…

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